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The Wrong Billionaire's Bed

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed  - Jessica Clare

I had big problems with Reese in the beginning. The point that's drilled into us several times in the text is that opposites attract. I fail to see how the opposite of uptight & straight-laced is "complete dick", but that's what we get here. And I didn't think there was really any character growth from him that addressed his being a total dillhole. It just sort of eased off. The author laid it on very thick in the beginning, and then instead of Reese having an epiphany that being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk is, well, jerky, he just stops being a jerk. Sort of. 


If it weren't for the epilogue, I wouldn't have bought the ending in the slightest. Even with the epilogue, I have dubious face about it. 


Still, I enjoy the writing, the story was engaging, the characters felt mostly real (if a bit irritating, but real people sometimes are), and the sex scenes were yummy. Good stuff, and I'm totally on board for the next installment.