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Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait (The Duke's Daughters, #5)  - Grace Burrowes

There's something about Grace Burrowes' writing that always draws me in. Every time I read a book by her, it's like getting a textual hug. The pacing of the prose, even her dialogue, I find instantly soothing. I know lots of people dislike the anachronisms in her writing, but she's the historical romance version of Kristen Ashley to me. 


While this lovely quality was found in this book, as expected, I still felt vaguely let down, and I can't quite put my finger on why. I liked everyone well enough; I even teared up on more than one occasion (I love the Windhams, like seeing them happy, and my heart hurts for them when they hurt.) All the characters were eminently reasonable, sweetness abounded, there were no ridiculous plot twists to create conflict where there was none--things that should make me deliriously happy as a reader. After all, sometimes there's nothing more I want than to find a safe, sweet, angst-free read, and this is definitely that. Perhaps too much that? Is that a thing? Because if it is, Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait fits the bill.


Maybe the pacing was too slow. Or maybe it was that the romance was such a slow burn I found it slightly miraculous it took at all, and even then I wasn't entirely sold. Elijah mused on Jenny's passions, but I never found them in evidence. Maybe that's it: In a family of characters, Jenny, in her book, is kinda, well, boring. Elijah's not much more interesting. They're likable enough, sweet even, but ultimately, boring. 


All-in-all, I finished the book and felt vaguely dissatisfied. One of my favorite authors, with writing quality on par with expectations, but definitely not my favorite of her books.