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Revelation  - Erica Hayes

23%: Yet another UF where the author seems to equate cursing with grittiness. Cursing isn't world building, authors. I find it so grating, and I swear like a sailor.


37.0%: "You still believe in God? After what they did to you? Falling to earth and all that?"

I don't think the author understands how belief works. Or non-belief, for that matter. These seem like concepts she needed a better grasp on before trying to tackle.


39.0%: Ok. Morgan may be TSTL.

39.0%: Oh, Luniel agrees with me! Huzzah?

39.0%: "He'd done that to himself for her? To heal her injury?

Whatever. It didn't mean anything."

She's also ungrateful and insufferable. JESUSAGE."


39.0% DNF. I can't even.




Morgan is the definition of mercurial. And that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, if she weren't stupidly mercurial. When it occurred me to that I would actively cheer her death-by-stupidity, I realized I needed to give up the ghost. DNF.


For the record I had other problems with the text that kept me from enjoying the book. The constant swearing: WE GET IT. YOU ANGELS ARE EDGY AND DARK. OOOH. (seriously, "hellshit"? Weak.) The first time we meet Michael: SUBTLE.


Things I did like? Jadzia. Her story I am maybe interested in enough to give another book a try. Assuming she gets her own book. 


Yep, so that's pretty much all I liked. Everything else was par for the (poorly-executed) PNR/UF course.