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Hot Secrets

Hot Secrets (Tall, Dark & Deadly #1) - Lisa Renee Jones

Lauren was at times TSTL, I didn't totally buy into the chemistry between the H & h, I've encountered paperclips that are more alpha than Royce, the red herrings were so red they immediately ceased being red herrings, and the way the bad guy thread played out felt inconsistent.


For instance: why on earth did he come see her in her office? That was completely unnecessary. Plus, the whole "I'm the Dirt Diver and might be kind of deeply evil" setup really petered out. To the point where I stopped being remotely scared or concerned and was just irritated at the wasted potential. He's also, inexplicably, invisible at times. Special Forces doesn't mean superhuman, alas.


Her stepmother is so unhinged she's paid a person to torment and kill her stepdaughter. Because that's totally a reasonable solution to everything. Meanwhile, she's also making plans for how a romance between Lauren and Lauren's stepbrother would play out in the public opinion. Uhm, lady, can we get a consistent kind of crazy from you, please?


The GPS tracker that no one knew existed (unless I missed something) that stopped AND started working in the space of two sentences after Lauren was abducted was a bridge too far on my road to suspension of disbelief-ville. Also: WHY IS LAUREN GOING ANYWHERE ALONE? WHY? Because she's dumb, and Royce is a terrible security person, that's why. Ahem.

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In the end, I felt I spent too much time rolling my eyes and wondering about weird loose ends.