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"The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress"; or, Every Trope I Love From 80s Soaps

The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress - Maya Banks

Completely ridiculous (so 80s soap opera I can't even tell you), but I loved EVERY. FRICKIN'. WORD. I was helpless to resist the catnip that is this book. I read my library's copy, but seriously, I love it so much I'm thisclose to buying my own to read whenever I need to be hip-deep in overbearing Greek tycoon land.


The only reason this book doesn't get five stars is because I know how off-putting some of Chrysander's actions come across. I rolled my eyes--A LOT--but the utter joy I had reading this made the eyerolling more of the, "Oh, Chrysander! You silly man!" kind instead of the, "Oh my god, you are the WORST PERSON EVER. She's a woman, not a THING" kind. It was like putting up with that one friend's, uh, quirks, even though you know people who don't know your friend would find him slightly irritating. Or infuriating. You know, <i>that</i> friend. The one you love despite herself.